Fighting Single Use

At Arabica Espresso Services we look to reduce the waste we produce as well as what we can do to stop this in the coffee industry so when we stumbled across the Huskee Cup this changed our thinking just by seeing some of the following stats about single use "takeaway cups"

  • 600 Billion Coffee cups are produced a year

  • 99.75% of disposable cups are not yet being recycled

  • In Australia alone 60,000 KG of waste from coffee cups goes into landfill.

These innovative designer reusable coffee cups that not only look beautiful but are durable, BPA free and most importantly sustainably made using waste husk left over from the production of coffee.

The HuskeeCup is your passport to HuskeeSwap. The cup exchange system designed to exchange at your nearest participating cafe. watch the video below to find out how the HuskeeSwap works.

We are looking for like minded business to which we can supply the Huskee Cup and join us with the HuskeeSwap System putting a stop to single use cups widely used.

The Huskee cup comes in two colours of cups and saucers, Charcoal and The Natural Husk Colour, they are available in single Retail packs with a lid or multi packs of 4 with lids available for the multi packs which fit universally across all the sizes.

Huskee Cup has also been designed to be recycled by Huskee at the end of its life we will collect all damaged/end of life cups, lids & saucers to return for recycling.

Thanks for taking the time to read and watch how the Huskee cup can help in the fight against single use!

p.s. please see some product photography below :)


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